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Beet Feta Hemp Dip

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

This Beet dip is made with a classic, roasted fresh beetroot (homegrown!) and crumbled feta for a creamy finish. Say hello to your new favourite Beet dip variation complete with all the hemp goodness of pure NZ hemp seed oil and NZ hemp hearts.

The beetroot is the heart and soul of this dip, so it’s essential to bring out the best in it. To do so, it’s all about the roasting yum yum

When you roast beetroot it offers a gorgeous depth of flavour. I usually roast mine about 45min-1hour. Chop up in cubes, place on double layer tinfoil, drizzle with garlic, salt n pepper wrap, roast, cool.

Here we go....

Main Ingredients:

1x med-large Beetroot (fresh preferred)

1/2 block goats feta cheese

Hemp seed oil - 4-6 TBSP

Fresh or dried thyme

2 garlic cloves

Greek Yoghurt - 1-2 TBSP

Salt n pepper



Chilli powder (optional)


Place all main ingredients in a blender or bowl and use whizz stick. I like to drizzle oil in to get perfect texture. I never measure ingredients so just work with main ingredients until you get the texture and taste you desire - easy.

Pop in your fancy dip bowl and add NZ hemp seed oil, spices and top with NZ hemp hearts.

Serve with Toasted pita bread, your favourite crackers and/or wheat meal Wraps (baked in 5 minutes) enjoy.

Here's link for Hemp Ingredients..

For hemp seed oil click here

For hemp hearts click here

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