NZ Hemp Seed Oil 100ml

NZ Hemp Seed Oil 100ml

Hemp Up Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil is natural, unrefined, and cold-pressed to ensure it’s the best product in market. Our Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil is bursting with nutrients, essential vitamins/minerals and has an optimal essential fatty acid ration of Omegas 3/6.


With its light nutty flavour, Hemp Up Hemp Seed Oil is the perfect addition to any meal and a must have product in your pantry for optimal health!


• Enhance brain function
• Anti-inflammatory (including GLA) 

• Helps maintain normal cholesterol
• Improves energy and focus

• Encourages hair growth

• Skin repair and health

How to use your Hemp Seed Oil:
A perfect addition to a range of dishes both savoury and sweet. Use it in salads, pastas, soups, dressings in smoothies and sweet treats.


Hemp can also be applied topically and is great for hair, skin and nails.

Storage: Hemp products are best kept in a cool dark place or fridge.

Ingredients: 100% NZ grown hemp seed.

Shelf Life:  Can keep for up to 12 months, but it’s best to consume them within 3 months of opening.


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