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Roast Kumara with Blue Cheese Salad

This recipe will have your tastebuds dancing! The primary ingredients in this mouthwatering salad are roast kumara, blue cheese, pear and roasted walnuts.. and of course our 100% organic hemp heart seeds to finish it off.

Here's the recipe:- remember, the best way to create authentic dishes is to use your eye, taste and instinct and don't get too hung up on measurements.


3 large kumara

1/3 block of any blue cheese, crumbled

1 pear

Handful of walnuts

Roasted Kale (optional)

HERBS (approx, and preferably fresh)



Edible flowers (optional) - pansy, marigold, dandelion

Salt n Pepper to taste


If I'm rushing I use best foods mayo and add half a lemon to water down, I use roughly 1/2 cup. If you get time, and want a healthier option, make your own aioli. I'll share my recipe in an upcoming food blog.


Chop kumara to your desired size, boil until 3/4 cooked, don't overcook. Remove and roast via oven or in frypan until crispy in olive oil. Pop in your salad bowl and sprinkle over 1/2 of your crumbled blue cheese to get some flavour going and some 'melt', lightly season with salt n pepper also.

Next, fry some Kale, removed centre stalk and break up first. Add the walnuts and cook until Kale is crunchy, remove and add to salad bowl.

Slice up some pear, add along with the remainder of blue cheese and add.

Gently toss in dressing.

Finally, thrown on your herbs, decorate with edible flowers and add hemp hearts. If you work fast you can serve it warm which is how I enjoy it, but either way is great.

You can buy our hemp hearts here and also learn about their health benefits:

Enjoy, this is sure to impress friends and family at your next dinner party. Bon appetite.


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