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Our website is currently under construction with limited stock available.  We will endeavour to keep you up to date, please reach out if you have any questions or contact Kala on 021 022 43136

Unlock the power of
natures wonders!



Our powerful plant-based products are formulated to support you on your journey to a positive balanced and relaxed state.  We are passionate about the power of plant extracts and offer a fabulous range of products with blends of carefully chosen ingredients. 

As a Qualified Herbalist, Kala offers one to one consultations to discuss your needs and talk through your journey and provide bespoke remedies for individuals, if you have any questions ask here or book below.

Herbal Treatment

Coming Soon

Wet Hair


After much demand, we are working on a range of plant-based haircare products, this range will also include lash serums!   Let us know here if there are any haircare products you would love us to create for you.



We are extending our beauty and skincare range to include more plant-based products such as anti-aging products, body soaps, scrubs and butters, lip balms and more. Let us know here if there is anything in particular you would like to see us stock while we go through our redevelopment process.



Kia Ora - Welcome to Hemp Up!

Hemp Up is all about bringing balance to one's life with a focus on moving toward a more healthy lifestyle.  At Hemp Up, we are passionate about empowering our people to make changes using plant-based and terpene rich products.  People first is our primary philosophy.

Please watch this space as we continue to undergo changes and our redevelopment process.

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Coming soon!  In this section we will have recipes from herbal dishes and teas, to other fabulous creations that you can make using simple and accessible items from your pantry and backyard.  Watch this space.

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