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This consultation is a one to one confidential session for personalised formulation for individuals.


The first consultation centres around investigating your current lifestyle experience and issues you are facing, overall lifestyle including body energetics (energetics meaning whether you are hot/cold | damp/dry to identify your current state of being), we then look holistically at your situation and create steps together to identify the best way to move forward. As a qualified Consultant, I am able to formulate for individuals through consultation.


Special provisions relating to Natural Therapists (section 32 of the Medicines Act 1981) allows Natural Therapists such as myself, to have specific and some exemptions from some of the requirements of the Medicines Act 1981 in recognition of my role provided my herbal remedies are supplied on an individual basis following a consultation.


Upon booking I will make contact regarding a suitable date and time. I look forward to working with you and supporting you on your journey to good health and a balanced life.



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