Hemp Balm - Skin Repair

Hemp Balm - Skin Repair

Our SKIN REPAIR is a secret blend of powerful natural ingredients for skin problems, irritations, burns, grazes, mild dermatitis, dry skin and more. This balm provides soothing terpenes to help your skin by supporting the bodies natural healthy response to skin problems and irritations.


Kawakawa infused hemp seed oil is another key ingredient in this balm. Kawakawa is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.


Hemp seed oil is high in omega 3 which provides support with inflammation, skin issues and stress. Hemp oil can support dry skin without clogging paws.


This balm works well alongside our ANTI-INFLAMMATORY TERPENE oil and HEMP OIL tinctures.Massage gently into problem areas. For maximum benefits rub in for a duration of up to five minutes.


Our SKIN REPAIR balm is 100% NEW ZEALAND MADE and 100% VEGAN.



NZ Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Organic Terpenes Proprietary Blend

Age Infused Kawakawa

Organic Coconut Oil

Vegan Wax (Carnauba)


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