Hemp Balm - Easy Sleeper

Hemp Balm - Easy Sleeper

Our EASY SLEEPER balm is a secret blend of powerful natural ingredients to help quiet the mind and bring you to peaceful sleeping.


Our key terpene in this blend is myrcene which primarily comes from mangoes and hops.  This terpene is known to have the ability to relax muscles and induce sleep.  


This balm works well alongside our EASY SLEEPER TERPENE oil and HEMP OIL tinctures.


Massage gently into pressure points - back of neck, temples, soles of feet, ankles (just above the bone), and wrists. For maximum benefits rub in for a duration of up to five minutes.


Our EASY SLEEPER balm is 100% NEW ZEALAND MADE and 100% VEGAN.



Organic Terpenes Proprietary Blend

NZ Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Age Infused Roman Chamomile

Organic Coconut Oil

Vegan Wax (Carnauba)

Ylang Ylang, Lavendar 

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