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Low-Carb Thai Green Curry and Cauliflower Rice

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Have I got a scrumptious recipe for you! This tasty curry lovers dish is a nice change from a heavy cream curry and carby rice version (is carby even a word?). So, if you've been missing your favourite thai curry dishes then this low-carb recipe is for you!

I serve this yummy dish on cauliflower rice for a classic taste but you could also try it over zoodles! (finely chopped zuchinni, which, you can buy in the supermarket ready chopped! For you kiwi's, I saw them at Countdown, as well as this I also found a bag of pre-chopped cauliflower - wohoo, save time!).

I also use a low-carb flat bread (another Countdown find) and this is a great replacement for the naan. They are absolutely yummy toasted up (I do this in the frypan with a tiny bit of coconut oil or olive oil).

For the curry paste, I use Asian Home Gourmet and only use half the packet as I find this spice paste far to spicy for my pallete. For those who have tried this, the butter chicken in this range is also really delicious!

My thai curry chicken also incorporates our delicious NZ hemp hearts. Hemp hearts are a must have on every meal to give your body a nutritional boost! They're are full of sooooo much goodness. Omega's (with an optimal ratio), protein, fibre, minerals and more - as many of you are starting to learn - hemp hearts and hemp in general is an amazing plant-based food (the best in my view). They're nutty in flavour and easily digestible. The protein level of hemp hearts is fairly high at near 10g per 20g serve and low in carb with only .6g per serve - us humans need about 0.5-1g of protein per day per kg of body weight! Hemp hearts and our hemp protein products are a great way to achieve this. I hide our NZ hemp hearts in my son's food, he doesn't even notice! Kids need their daily intake of protein too. So, with all this said, I'm really pleased I can offer you these easy home recipes that incorporate my NZ hemp hearts and products. You can view our NZ hemp hearts here

And now for the recipe!


Diced chicken

1/2 chopped onion

3 garlic gloves

Thai green curry paste

1 sml can coconut milk

Basil or coriander

Salt n' Pepper

Cauliflower Rice:

1 cup Cauliflower (chopped)

1/4 chopped onion

1 garlic clove

olive oil

Low-carb naan:

1-2 low-carb flat breads


1.Fry onions on low until half cooked, add garlic and slow fry for another few minutes.

2. Add chicken and fry until brown (some people like to fry off their paste first) I do it the other way round.

3. Add paste, stir

4. Add coconut milk, lift heat for 5 mintues, then simmer and then start your cauliflower rice

5. Fry onions, garlic and cauliflower rice all together.

6. Add a small amount of olive oil to a pan and fry low-carb bread until crispy, chop into triangle.s

7. Serve up and add lashings of our NZ hemp hearts - the more hemp hearts the better.

Tip: I tend to add hemp hearts last and never use them as part of my actual cooking as they lose some of their goodness.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe! Feel free to share this to your page and also send in your photos, i'd love to see them!

More recipes coming soon, thanks guys.


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