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Blueberry Banana and Blue Spirulina Hemp Smoothie

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Now here's a combination that will have your taste-buds screaming out for more! We all know that we eat with our eyes and I just love that I can add some life to what I eat by experimenting with colour. A lot of you would have seen on my social pages that I have been working a lot with blue spirulina with the ultimate goal of creating a new hemp product for you all to try yourselves. (Watch this space).

This hemp smoothie recipe is yet another one of my recent experiments. The combination of blueberry and banana is just so delicious, coupled with our Hemp Up pure hemp protein and blue spirulina, this powerhouse hemp smoothie recipe will have you energized for the morning and your taste-buds dancing!


Blue spirulina has a neutral taste unlike its green sister which has quite an acquired taste. Been neutral in taste means it is the perfect ingredient to add to almost any food - baking, smoothies, pastas and so much more. Blue spirulina is jam-packed with nutrients with amazing health benefits. Blue spirulina is known as a powerful antioxidant and like our NZ hemp (I doubt the quality of some imported hemp), has great anti-inflammatory properties. Blue spirulina is also a great source of protein (again, like hemp) and is known to boost energy and performance. Like hemp, the benefits are endless.

Here is my recipe for you all to enjoy:-

20g Hemp Up Hemp Hearts (just for that extra boost of nutrient!)

1/2 banana

6-12 blueberries

1 tsp blue spirulina

1/2 avocado

250ml almond milk

Blend up, pour, and top with NZ hemp hearts and more blueberries!

Yummo! I hope you enjoy this hemp smoothie recipe. I look forward to sharing more recipes with you soon. Join the hemp wave today!!

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